Gestalt group therapy 12 sessions (6-10 members)

Harmonia w terapii Gestalt Strefa Relacji Psycholog Warszawa

Group therapy is a psychological training for personal development. It has the character of interpersonal training, with elements of work on personal problems. A Gestalt group offers its members opportunities to explore personal issues with the support and participation of people also interested in understanding themselves and the variety of experiences of their lives. Each member can benefit from the work of others in the group and get support. 

It is a great opportunity to get to know yourself and become more sensitive to the needs of yourself and others. We work in a safe and supportive atmosphere. The working method we adopt is direct experience, based on emotional experience. During the training, you can learn new ways of dealing with emotional difficulties and situations, with people from your immediate environment. You will learn ways of giving and receiving clear comments about yourself and others through understanding of your own process, discover the patterns you have developed for dealing with your life and decide whether these strategies have outlived their usefulness and develop a greater awareness of how you relate to yourself and others


Start: 10.2022
Cost: 120 pln per session
Number of sessions: 12
Duration: 120 minutes

contact: 505999476