I am a psychologist and a certified psychotherapist. Experience I gained, among others, on the helpline for adults in emotional crisisp at the Institute of Health Psychology, Remand Center at Grochów and the Women’s Rights Center.

Workshops are among my main passions. I have many years of experience working in corporations. This experience allows me to understand better people struggling with stress at work, overload with duties or the feeling of being burned. If your nightmares include Jira being and the thought of starting Outlook after the weekend makes you get heart palpitations, then I invite you, together we will find a way for you to not lose yourself and your needs while reaching targets.

I specialize in working with patients experiencing low mood, auto-aggressive behavior, intense anxiety and struggling with low self-esteem and excessive perfectionism. I help people suffering from somatic pains, eating disorders and mood disorders.
I am characterized by kindness and interest in other people, and in working with clients I especially value openness, authenticity and mutual trust, as well as mutual involvement in the therapeutic process.

I support people who have problems in relations and communication. I run marriage therapy, couples therapy for people who want to get more satisfaction from their relationship or are struggling with a crisis in their relationship.

Natalia Dąbrowska also works via Skype (for people who cannot benefit from psychotherapy in Warsaw).

Privately, I am a mother of 3 and wife, and also an improviser. For 11 years I have been practising theatrical improvisation, as part of which I conduct workshops with groups of young people and adults. I enjoy reading detective stories and spending time outdoors with my children.

address: (Ursynów) ul. Migdałowa 10 m. 52 

(Bemowo) Dom Gestalt Borowego 15 m.38 

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